Top 5 Glass Cleaners for Cars in 2021

Top Glass Cleaners for Cars

Regularly cleaning your car windows is not only meant to give the vehicle the perfect appearance, but clean windows are also very essential to make sure that you have a safe driving experience. This is because a dirty condition on your windows and windshield can reduce the visibility that you have while driving your car. One potential risk from this condition is that you will have a higher chance of getting into car accidents, especially when you drive under reduced lighting conditions.

Cleaning your car windows is not simply about getting rid of the grimes and other dirty stuff that might be sticking on the windows and windshields. Another important part is to use the correct liquid to keep off new dirt and grimes to get deposited again on the windows. The good news is that there are now a lot of products that have been specially developed to help you keep your windows in a perfectly clean condition.

Here are 5 of the best glass cleaners that you can use for your vehicle.

Top 5 Glass Cleaners for Cars

1. Rain-X 630019 Auto Glass Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning the windows and mirrors of your vehicles, only a few products will give the best results that you want. One of those products is the Rain-X 630019 Auto Glass Cleaner. This spraying liquid is a concentrated formula that can be used to easily remove any residue and deposits on glass surfaces. The liquid has also been formulated with automotive strength for any cleaning jobs that you want to do on any type of glass and mirrors. What you will get is a clean result that is streak-free and has perfect shine.

Normally, vehicle owners can get the Rain-X 630019 Auto Glass Cleaner in a form of a pure solution that can be applied on glass after the surface has been thoroughly cleaned. But, there is also a package that includes a glass cleaner and rain repellent to keep the shine and streak-free appearance of the glass longer. In other terms, you can mix two amazing products in a package to keep your car mirrors and glasses in pristine condition.

The application for Rain-X 630019 Auto Glass Cleaner is also very simple as you only need to spray a little bit of the liquid directly onto the glass. You can also use soft cloths such as cotton or microfiber to wipe the glass and mirrors. But, it is recommended that you use the liquid with microfiber cloths so you will not have a lot of streaks after the cleaning process.

After using the glass cleaner, is also recommended to proceed with the cleaning process by applying rain treatment. This cleaning solution will prevent rainwater to stick mineral materials onto the glass which will leave blotches, scratches, dirt on your clean glass. After the process, some customers also testified that the pristine condition of the glass can last for more than a month.

Therefore, using the Rain-X 630019 Auto Glass Cleaner is a recommended method to give a good appearance on your vehicle exterior. You will also save time and energy in keeping your car clean. Another amazing point is that you will not need to worry about rainwater ruining the exterior of your vehicle.

Technical Details of Rain-X 630019 Auto Glass Cleaner

ModelRain-X 630019 Auto Glass Cleaner
Item Weight6.6 pounds
Product Dimensions8.76 x 4.93 x 11.7 inches
Included Items3 bottles
✅ The brand is trusted among vehicle owners❌ The chemical smell is pretty strong
✅ Can repel dust and other dirt deposits 
✅ Safe chemical formula 

2. Armor All 32024 Auto Glass Cleaner

A large part of your car exterior is made of glass material. Keeping a good appearance of your vehicle also means that you will need to take care of the cleanliness of the glass surfaces. You can easily clean it with just water, but dirt and other deposits will stick again on the surfaces easily. This is why you need to use a professional glass cleaner for the job. And, household cleaners are also not suitable to clean the glass because most of them are made with ammonia. And ammonia can damage the delicate surface of the glass material.

One choice that you can use for this cleaning job is the Armor All 32024 Auto Glass Cleaner. This liquid cleaner has been formulated specifically for automotive use. It will be able to easily remove road grime, bugs, fingerprints, and flimsy residue that are sticking on the surfaces. The liquid can be used on your windshield, mirrors, and windows. You can be sure that it will create perfect clarity and shine on the windows without any haze or streaks.

The chemicals in the Armor All 32024 Auto Glass Cleaner can also tackle the hardest residue to clean without damaging or lowering the quality of your exterior glass. The liquid is also safe both for the glass and for your skin. Therefore, you will not need to worry about anything while cleaning your car.

When you’re using the Armor All 32024 Auto Glass Cleaner, make sure that you have thoroughly clean the surface from any residue using a soft brush or microfiber cloth. Then, you can proceed by spraying the liquid and wipe it thoroughly with the microfiber cloth again. The result is a streak-free appearance on the glass that will give you full clarity that you will surely need especially if you travel a lot during night time.

Our verdict for the Armor All 32024 Auto Glass Cleaner is that the application is very simple and not time-consuming at all. In our experience, the liquid can also prevent fogs to appear on glass surfaces, including in cold weather situations.

Technical Details of Armor All 32024 Auto Glass Cleaner

ModelArmorAll 32024 Auto Glass Cleaner
Item Weight1.21 pounds
Product Dimensions4.33 x 5.51 x 10.63 inches
Included Items1 bottle
✅ Safe liquid with the ammonia-free formula❌ Has to be applied relatively frequent
✅ Can be used on a metal surface as well 
✅ Easy cleaning procedure 

3. Invisible Glass 91411 Glass Stripper

The Invisible Glass 91411 Glass Stripper is a liquid that gives excellent results to prepare glass surfaces by cleaning them before applying a layer of rain repellent or other coating liquid. This liquid will be able to get rid of and eliminate every type of contaminants that ruin the appearance of your glass surfaces, including water spots, waxes, oils, silicones, road salt, road grime, tar, and other dirty deposits.

Invisible Glass 91411 Glass Stripper is formulated with safe chemicals and mild abrasive. You can be sure that the liquid will be able to do a deep cleaning on automotive glass but without leaving any scratches on the surface. By simply spraying the liquid on the glass and wiping it with lint-free clothing, you will be able to polish away any contaminants or layers of deposits on the glass. You can then proceed by applying a layer of rain repellent or other types of coating to maintain a good appearance of the glass. This process will ensure that you can restore the original condition of your glass surface.

For your vehicle, Invisible Glass 91411 Glass Stripper is also amazing to maintain fantastic visibility during wet weather and to enhance driving clarity during the night. This will of course improve the safety of your driving especially if you travel a lot after the sun is down. This is because your windshield will not have any streak or fog whatsoever. Another advantage of using this liquid is that your windshield wipers will perform better due to a smoother surface on the glass.

To use this Invisible Glass 91411 Glass Stripper, you can simply start by spraying the liquid on the glass surface that has a lot of grimes or dirt on it. You can also apply the liquid on the applicator sponge or any soft cloth. Then, proceed by creating small circular motions with the sponge or cloth to clean the dirt with the liquid. Repeat this process a few times until the deposits have been thoroughly clean. You can then rinse the glass surface with clean water. Finally, you can wipe and dry the glass which is now clean and free from contaminants.

Technical Details of Invisible Glass 91411 Glass Stripper

BrandInvisible Glass
ModelGlass Stripper with Applicator Sponge
Item Weight5.6 ounces
Product Dimensions5.47 x 3.07 x 2.24 inches
Included Items1 Bottle and 1 Applicator Sponge
✅ Can eliminate any type of contaminants❌ Requires hard scrubbing for tough and dirty deposit
✅ Perfect to improve windshield visibility 
✅ The applicator sponge is included 

4. Turtle Wax 50836 Quick & Easy Interior & Exterior Kit

The Turtle Wax 50836 Quick & Easy Interior & Exterior Kit is a liquid product that promises a one-step cleaning process that you can use to clean any glass surface on your vehicle. The liquid has been formulated with innovative technology which will be able to deliver the best shiny appearance on the vehicle. Aside from that, you can also be sure that the liquid will protect the glass material without leaving any scratches on it. All in all, you can save your time and effort by using this product to clean your car’s interior and exterior.

The usage of Turtle Wax 50836 Quick & Easy Interior & Exterior Kit is also very easy and fast. The formula has a Minute Wax Shine Technology that can give the glass surface the best and slickest finish. The process is called Easy On and Easy Off application. All you need to do is to spray the liquid on the dirty section of your car and use the included microfiber towel to clean the dirt. Afterward, you can spray clean water to rinse the liquid and the contaminants away from the vehicle.

The liquid also has a bottle of Dash & Glass Interior Cleaner which will provide a streak-free appearance on the dashboard, display screens, and other glass materials inside the vehicle. You can also be sure that your dashboard will be free from dust and grease due to the ClearVue Technology in the interior cleaner liquid. The process is the same. All you need to do is simply spray liquid and wipe it with the included microfiber cloth.

With the kit, you will get one bottle of Wax & Dry Spray Wax and a Dash & Glass Interior Cleaner. There is also one microfiber cloth included in the purchase package to make it easier for you to maintain the good appearance of your vehicle.

The formula that is used for the product is a blend of protective polymers and carnauba wax. Those active ingredients will maintain a maximum shine and the best protection for the glass material inside and outside your car.

Technical Details of Turtle Wax 50836 Quick & Easy Interior & Exterior Kit

ManufacturerTurtle Wax
BrandTurtle Wax
Item Weight4.21 pounds
Product Dimensions11.97 x 9.69 x 4.09 inches
Included Items3 pieces
✅ Protective materials for safe cleaning❌ Wax lasts shorter compared to others
✅ Instant shine for quick application 
✅ Complete package with a microfiber cloth 

5. Windex Glass and Window Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning products, Windex is one of the most popular brands out there. Now, they’ve also released the Windex Glass and Window Cleaner that you can use for your car. This liquid features a unique formula with an anti-hazing property that can wipe away any type of contaminants on the glass surface. You can be sure this product is effective to clean anything from your car windows, including bugs, vinyl fog, tree sap, road grime, smokes, as well as bird droppings.

The formula for the Windex Glass and Window Cleaner only uses safe chemicals that will not endanger anyone in your family. Furthermore, the liquid also has an antibacterial property that can get rid of any dangerous bacteria from the glass surface. This means that you can keep the good appearance of the glass material while also maintaining the good health of your family.

One amazing thing about this product is that it will leave a perfect streak-free shine on the glass surface to make it sparkling clean. It will also eliminate smudges, smears, dirt, and other deposits without having to wipe the surface very hard. Also, the product is being sold with a bottle that is made from 100% recycled material.

Technical Details of Windex Glass and Window Cleaner

Item Weight1.44 pounds
Product Dimensions2.41 x 4.03 x 10.7 inches
Included Items1 bottle
✅ Easy application for amazing results❌ The chemicals are not as strong as others
✅ Has antibacterial property 
✅ Uses 100% recycled bottle 


So, from the list of top 5 glass cleaners for cars above, you can clearly see that most products are formulated to give your car the best appearance with a streak-free and shiny look. All you need to do now is to consider the pros and cons of each product to see which one is the best for your needs. Make sure you choose the one that gives the best results without having to use dangerous chemicals.


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